A few more tech problems I'd love a fix for

You may have read my post the other day on 15 tech problems I'd love solved.  I thought of a few more (and for the record, I still LOVE my iphone): 1.  iPhone integration with Google and Exchange tasks.  The iOS 5 "Reminders" are fine, but I use Google and Exchange, not iCloud

2.  Better offline email support for gmail on my iPhone (I have it setup as an Exchange account)

3.  For web sites, mostly news sites, to stop putting articles on multiple pages.  Yes, I know you get more "page views" that way, but it's annoying.  If you insist on doing multiple pages, put the "next" button in the same spot on each page so I can click through quickly (I'm looking at you Boston.com with your "top 20" lists consisting of a meaningless picture and a capture for each item in your list all on a separate page)