Top 15 Tech problems to solve in 2012 (according to Men's Health)

Men's Health magazine had an interesting list of common tech problems.  I love technology, but there is definitely some room for improvement (which is a good thing, it will keep me employed).  I can't say I agree with the full list (read here), but a few I strongly agree with.  My favorites:

  • #13- Move us past passwords
  • #12- Downsize those set-top boxes (e.g., Comcast cable boxes) -- those things pull a lot of electricity 24x7 for absolutely NO reason
  • #10 - fix the fussy self-checkout machines
  • #7-- ALL TIME FAVORITE, APPLE -- Let us keep text messages as "new"
  • #6 - settle on one AC Adapter plug - I'm glad slowly USB is starting to catch on

What would be on your list?