I'm a killer....of fruit flies

It seems each of the past few summers I've fought a small war with fruit flies. First you see one or two, the next day it is 10-15, the day after you have a small army. I swear, they must do nothing but annoy humans and have sex all day long. There are a bunch of methods to get rid of them that I've found, but this is one of the easiest ones and also the one that has worked best for me. How to kill fruit flies (the easy way):

Step 1: take out a glass

Step 2: Pour some apple cider vinegar into the glass

Step 3: Add a squirt or two of dish soap and swirl the glass around a few times to mix it a bit

Step 4: ignore the smell and leave the area, within a day or two they will almost all be dead


Results of my successful battle last night !!!