First Impressions of Apple Watch Workout App

I finally got my hands on an Apple Watch this weekend!  I've been waiting for this since it was announced, mostly for the promise of the workout features.  My 2+ year old MOTOACTV watch is finally starting to show it's age - although I still feel it's one of the best running watches on the market as it combines GPS, bluetooth, wi-fi syncing, and a color screen all in one.  Oddly, almost no other running watches offer that.

My first run with the Apple Watch was nothing short of a disaster.  Perhaps I have it misconfigured, but the three most common actions for me (starting/stopping at an intersection,  changing audio playback, and seeing my workout metrics) were all HUGE usability nightmares.  More coming soon, but suffice it to say that for a company that prides itself in design and has marketed this watch as a fitness device, my first impressions were very disappointing.  


Baseball and steroids

According to STATS (via Men's Health), in the 2011 Major League Baseball season at the All-Star break the number of runs per game was down 20 percent from 2000 and home runs had dropped 31%.  It will be interesting to see these stats trend over the next few years, but assuming it does I guess this answers once and for all how big of a problem there was with steroids, huh? Interesting chart, with each # representing a MLB player (

Rank 40+ HR seasons 50+ HR seasons 60+ HR seasons 70+ HR seasons
The Dead Ball Era 0 1 0 0
Babe Ruth Era 18 4 1 0
Baseball During WWII 11 5 0 0
Baseball 1950's-mid 1960's 50 3 1 0
Pitching Era 27 2 0 0
The Last Clean Era 18 0 0 0
Steroid Era 83 11 4 2
Baseball After Steroids 52 7 0 0