iOS 6 features that weren't publicized well but you should know about

There are a ton of new features in the latest version of iOS, many of which got lots of publicity.  I would say I really like the upgrade, but it isn't really that great, and anybody that is a fan of Droids would argue most things Droids already do.  I think the biggest changes are the behind the scenes changes to make apple devices play nicely with each other.  Anything I have on my iPhone is also available instantly on my iPad and on my MacBook.  Say what you want about some of the features on the latest Droid phones, but they won't have as great of an "ecosystem" as Apple anytime soon. Rather than focus on some of the big new features, there are a few other features that didn't receive much press and that the average user wouldn't figure out unless they read the full apple release notes or read a lot of tech blogs.  I thought I'd point out a few that you might not have realized.

  1. Attach a picture to an email - If you are in an email, hold down in the body of the email like you do to "select" something.  When the select/select all options come up, press the tiny right arrow and you can now upload a picture to your email (shockingly this was never possible before to attach an email once you started typing an email or if you were replying to an email)
  2. Limit ad tracking - very, very, very unpublicized feature.  So much so that I have no idea what this does, but I'm guessing they were under some kind of legal obligation to put this.  Settings > General > About > Scroll down > Advertising> Limit Ad Tracking: ON
  3. Do not disturb feature - You'll find this in settings.  Basically, if you turn this on your notifications will stop during the hours you set as your sleeping hours except from your "favorite" contacts or people that call you more than once within 3 minutes (one would assume it is an emergency then)
  4. Post to Facebook/Twitter from the notification center - by now you probably are use to the notification center, where you pull down from the top of the screen.  If you go into settings, scroll most of the way down and you will see Twitter and Facebook.  You can add your username/password in those settings and then anytime you want to tweet or post a status update you go to notification center and can do so right from there without opening the app (it also makes posts easier from other apps too)
  5. Turn on emoji (emoticons) - There are some amusing ones if that's your thing, and they just added a ton more in iOS 6.  No longer do you need a separate app for this, simply go to your Settings, and drill down into General > Keyboard > International Keyboards preference pane. Tap on “Add New Keyboard…” and you’ll see a list of available keyboards in various languages that are available. Scroll down to “Emoji” and tap to add. Once you’ve done so, whenever you see the keyboard, you’ll now see a small globe to the left of the space bar. Tap on that, and you’ll bring up your alternate keyboards, which in your case, since you only have one, will be the emoji symbols.
  6. Google Maps and Transit Maps - if you really want Google maps back, go to in your browser and then add it as a home screen icon.  If you want transit maps back via the new apple maps, when you click a location you want to go to, click the right arrow, scroll down to "Get directions", choose the Bus icon, then choose a "Transit enabled" app to install which can be directly launched to give you bus directions.  There are only a few now, but I bet in a few weeks a ton will surface and they will probably look and behave much better than the previous version did, just need to be patient