I was a welfare mother

Larkin Warren wrote a terrific essay in the NY Times this past Sunday (read here).  It tells a first hand story about Romney's 47%.  Sure, there are plenty of people that abuse the system and put in little effort to live a really crappy (but work free) lifestyle on welfare.  But for every person who "beats" the system, I'm sure there is at least one story like what Larken writes about, struggling to get by and if given the right opportunities will be able to overcome life's hurdles and become a contributing member of society (the 53% in Romney's eyes). The opportunity that people like Larkin have in this country is what makes this country so great in my opinion.  I sure hope that later this year America votes to give folks like Larkin a chance to achieve the "American Dream".  Writes Larkin:

I was not an exception in that little Section 8 neighborhood. Among those welfare moms were future teachers, nurses, scientists, business owners, health and safety advocates. We never believed we were “victims” or felt “entitled”; if anything, we felt determined. Wouldn’t any decent person throw a rope to a drowning person? Wouldn’t any drowning person take it?