The saddest part of the cycling doping scandal

Hearing the news last night about Lance Armstrong made me cringe.  Not because of the Lance news, I think his guilt was determined a long time ago.  My heart went out for the guy that worked his butt off every day for years.  He sacrificed everything;  his life was dedicated 100% to training.  He never gave into pain, injuries, or his mind convincing him to stop.  He likely had to blow off quality time with friends and family, all for the quest to win a cycling race.  Yet, despite his sacrifices, he probably always came in 6th, or 8th, or 15th place (there were a lot of cheaters, not just Lance).  There was no fame, no big sponsor money, and no publicity for this guy.  Ironically, it was this guy that was the champion though, surrounded by a bunch of cheats.  It is so sad that I don't even know his name.