Two tasty beers

I don't drink too much, so when I do drink I go straight to the good stuff.  I've had two beers in the past month that were head and shoulders above other new beers I've tried recently, both of which I'd highly recommend. The first was found at The Brighton Music Hall while checking out Ben Lee.  They had a pretty poor beer selection (just the normal boring stuff every typical bar has), so it was easy to decide on the Kona Koko Brown they had on tap.  The bartender described it as having coffee and coconut tones, which sure was an odd combination in my book.  It was really tasty, and in my mind had an especially great after taste (Beer Advocate link).

The second beer I got to try fresh from the brewery on a recent trip to Colorado.  If you find yourself in Denver, I'd recommend taking a trip to the Great Divide brewery, they have a great tap room with good atmosphere and really cheap high quality beer.  I tried a few, but by FAR my favorite was the Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout.  This beer was dark, bold flavored, and smooth.  It easily moves into the top 5 beers I think I've ever tasted, it was that good (Beer Advocate link).