Not your normal financial advice

Here's a great essay on "financial advice", although it isn't the normal "set a budget" and "spend wisely" that you normally read and instead focuses on how you manage your time (which has an indirect impact on your finances).  I know in the world of Facebook, Twitter, smart phones, and the internet I've definitely struggled with balancing everything with things that add value to my life and aren't just time wasters.  Where can you trim your "budget"? Read here

Some of my favorites:

  • cut back on TV - I dumped cable and it has been awesome
  • sleep - I think Saturday and Sunday mornings are two of my favorite times of the week.  Getting out and enjoying Boston before everyone else stirs I've found to be really peaceful and relaxing
  • shopping - Amazon Prime for the win!  Boston Organics bi-monthly deliveries are also really tasty and excellent time savers
  • Exercising- such a great way to clear your mind and ironically get more energy for the rest of the day
  • Building relationships - my time on Facebook is mostly concentrated on friends that I'm close with and see regularly, not the random people from when I was 8 that I will never see again and it adds no value to know what they had for dinner the night before