Why I despise Comast

I'm still a little surprised that Comcast is allowed to operate as they do in Boston, considering they more or less have a monopoly.  I had decided to be a trendsetter a few years back to cancel my big cable bill and just go with basic cable (it seems everyone is doing this now in the Hulu and Netflix world we now find ourselves in).  At the time, it was $12 per month for basic channels (CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, ABC).  In the last few years it's risen about 50% to $18 per month.  Since I never watch it and realized I could buy an HDTV antenna for about the cost of 2 months service, I decided to finally cancel cable all together.  Here's where my surprise comes in, because as soon as I tell them I want to drop my $18 cable bill they tell me the price of my internet will go up $16.  Imagine if other businesses worked like this: you are at a restaurant and you decide you don't want an appetizer.  The waiter says "sure, no problem", but then all of the entrees cost $10 more. Do you have any annoying Comcast stories yourself to share in the hate?