What makes a leader?

A colleague shared this article about the "Solar Demi" -- a guy that has installed 600+ clear soda bottles in the roofs of dark houses in the Philippines.  It's a great read and worth checking out. There has been so much discussion lately about Steve Jobs and how he will be remembered as one of the greatest CEO's of all time.  Steve was successful despite a reputation of being tyrannical and having a really mean temper which he frequently unleashed on those he worked with.  That is certainly not a style that would be recommended for others to try, but it somehow worked for Steve.  The author of the article above, Vineet Nayar, nails it when he says "I believe people are much more likely to respond to a leader who comes across as “real,” who is perceived as a flesh-and-blood individual, complete with flaws and even some doubts or fears."

I know that I will consider myself a failure if I ever find myself not leading by example or staying true to my beliefs and core values.  Thus far I've built my career on transparency and not being fearful of challenging the status quo, now if only some of our world leaders would do the same.