Earthquakes and Twitter

I'm sure everyone has heard about the earthquake that was felt yesterday on the east coast and in Boston.  It was the first one I've ever felt, thankfully it was over before I realized what was happening (and not that I was dizzy and about to faint as I sat in my chair at my desk).  What amazed me most about this experience was how I immediately reacted to this event.  I didn't call or text someone, I didn't use Google, and I didn't use as I may have done in the past.  Within 10 seconds of the earthquake I had opened up my browser, went to Twitter, and searched for earthquake.  Instantly I realized that no, it wasn't just my building randomly shaking (which it is strangely prone to doing on occasion), but that something had clearly happened as within the past 20 seconds folks from Philly, DC, and NY had all tweeted that the just felt exactly the same thing I did.  It took CNN, Google, and I'm sure many other news sites at least a few minutes to respond, but I know that if I want immediate information (albeit "unofficial"), Twitter is best suited.